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Pour a cold one. Fire up the grill or toss a bag. Pop-in or get comfortable.
Here at The Hammock, we’re all just beer for a good time.

Just Beer For A Good Time

All of our stuff is brewed in-house and dialed for enjoyment. The Hammock's original lineup is aimed to satisfy for a flavorful afternoon, evening, outing -- whatever you're feeling.

Deeper into our menu you’ll find the Seeker Series, where our brewers go big or go home. ”The Yonder Beers”, as we like to call them, trace our journey further into the galaxy of beer. 

Our Locals Only beers are pure expressions of where our brewers are on their own path. Order a pint. Select a flight. Take some home and let us know what you think.

The Line Up

We’ve been working on something NEW!

Crafted in-house, our sessionable offerings are expanding beyond beer.

Four new products have joined the backyard party: From fizzy seltzers to refreshing hard teas, we have a crafted beverage to suit your relaxation needs. Only available at a local Hammock Brewpub, try Hammock Hard Seltzer and Feel Good Hard Iced Tea today!

In The Cooler

C'mon in, we’re out back

Hammock Happenings

We’re big on organized fun. Check out our ever-changing events calendar to get the scoop on what new beer we’re celebrating or what new craft we’re learning to make. Pub trivia, lawn game leagues and live music are nearly constant, making it hard to miss out.

Lewes Middletown North Myrtle Beach

Home of the Cookout

At each of our brewpubs, every day is a celebration of the great American cookout: sizzling meats, garden fresh veggies and bright, familiar flavors to make even lunchtime feel like a block party. Gone are the days of hockey puck burgers and sun-spotted macaroni salad, for the mighty cookout lives again.

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Party Down

The Hammock is built to party. Let us know what special occasion you’re celebrating and we'll find the right space in our brewpub for you to host. Whether you're looking for a secluded nook or to be in the center of it all, we'll get you set up to get down.

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