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Mon through Fri, 4PM to 7PM - In the bar area!

$4 Beers, Brewed Fresh

$6 Wines, $7 Crushes, $9 PayneKillers 

Happy Hour Eats

all under Ten Bucks

$1 wings
choose your saucey sauce: Honey BBQ, Buffalo, Old Bay.

$3 Pulled Pork or Meatloaf sliders 
made for crushing, how many can you take down? Meatloaf: griddled meatloaf, caramelized onions, American cheese, pickles, kettle sauce. Pulled Pork: smoked pork, honey bbq sauce, key lime coleslaw, toasted potato bun

$6 Everything Spiced Pretzel Bites
caramelized onion dip, great to share, if you really want to. Ask about our crudite version! 

$9 Smashburger
two 3oz smash burgers, sliced American cheese, cheese frico, kettle sauce, potato bun 

$9 Loaded Hot Fries 
trend alert! jalapeño cheese sauce, spicy honey, chipotle crema, bacon, pickled jalapeños, scallions 

$10 Apple or Peach Grilled Cheese
make it spicy or make it sweet! challah, bacon, peach jam & pepperjack or apple butter & cheddar